The Daily Find 2/6/2012

Welcome to the first issue of The Daily Find. This newsletter is an integral part of the NAIS Annual Conference Online Community and focuses on the theme and topics of this year’s conference and those that are of interest to the Independent school community. This newsletter simply highlights articles, reflections and blogs posted by members of the NAIS online community and other independent school bloggers. This newsletter will also include news stories and links shared by members through their blogs and Twitter. While this is a Daily newsletter, it will start with posts every couple of days and become more frequent as we approach this year’s Annual Conference in Seattle February 29th through March 2. Please contact if you would like to add your blog to the list of independent school bloggers and would like it considered for content in The Daily Find.

As  we race toward or time in Seattle…
Here is a great way to start the conversations in the community. What are you looking to learn at this year’s Annual Conference? The theme is Innovation. What are your plans as the big event in Seattle approaches? Here is one example from the community…

Sarah Thomas
Planning for NAIS AC 2012
I am super excited for my upcoming trip to Seattle, WA to attend the NAIS Annual Conference 2012. The theme for this year’s conference is Innovation. As the tech teacher, I feel like this was destined to be my conference choice for the year. The opening keynote is Bill Gates and the “Tiger Mother”, Amy Chua, speaks on Friday. Talk about Rockstars!! I’m never completely…MORE

Mark Crotty
Pride and Perspective
About a year ago, I read a bit of wisdom from a veteran school head. It was something like, “A head of school cannot love his school too much. What he really has to love is the vision of what that school can become.” I understand the logic behind this statement. There has to be a degree of objectivity and a certain distancing to allow for certain hard decisions. But recently some ongoing work and a couple of…MORE

Jonathan Martin
PBL Projects at St. Greg’s: 9th grade Bioethics project final presentations
In what has been one of the most exciting curricular developments of late at St. Gregory, our ninth graders are tackling each winter an elaborate multi-disciplinary project on the topic of bioethics. The assignment comes jointly from the ninth grade biology and English teachers, and requires students in teams to research an assigned topic in bioethics, address driving questions, take it through multiple steps of revision and reflection, and then publish their completed work in a presentation which they deliver to other students, after which they actually provide a…MORE

Anthony McGrann
Move from Congeniality to Collegiality
I recently read an article, “Getting to No: Building Collegiality in Schools,” by Rob Evans in the most recent issue of Independent School. It draws from his book, Seven Secrets of a Savvy School Leader,”  which I just started to read. This article resonated with me because it’s the kind of collaboration, collegiality, and work with…MORE

Arvind Grover
Heath brothers (of Switch Fame) giving out their new e-book for free. Get it now!
We’re proud to announce that we’ve just released a new e-book called The Myth of the Garage and Other Minor Surprises. It’s a collection of our favorite columns for Fast Company magazine. And it’s free. Here’s how you can get it…MORE

Independent School Association of the Southwest (ISAS) Teacher Conference Blog
ISAS just had their biennial teacher conference in Houston, Texas with six dynamic speakers. This site is a collection of reflections, LIVE BLOGS, videos, resources and more and provides a rich learning resource for anyone in education. The speakers this year were:

  • Pat Bassett
  • Heidi Hayes Jacobs
  • Michael Horn
  • Tony Schwartz
  • David Eagleman
  • Jane McGonigal

You can learn more at


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