The Daily Find- Feb 11, 2012

Joan McGettigan
The sweet spot Building the right technology curriculum
We (administrators, a diverse groups of faculty and our wonderful librarians) are searching for our “sweet spot” in technology integration. According to Wikipedia,  “A sweet spot is a place, often numerical as opposed to physical, where a combination of factors results in a maximum response for a given amount of effort.” We are hoping to dig deep and work toward finding that just right combination of learning supported, infused, enriched or extended by technology. While we realize that this is not a static target but constantly moving, we are working towards creating an…MORE


Anne Weeks
Twitter for Ed
A good, simple article in the Washington Post (see link in blog) about professional development through Twitter. Those of us who are converts already won’t find anything new in this artice, but it is a great one to give to skeptical faculty. Recently, my English class read a few Thomas Hardy poems as an introution to reading The…MORE.

Megan Brady
Ridley College Student Tallent- Rubik Cube master
[Comment-All I can say,  This will amaze you! What would be your approach to teaching this student if he was in your class?] Grade 11 student, Charlie Wu has a special talent- solving Rubik cubes! It all started four years ago when Charlie picked up his first Rubik cube and ever since he has been working to solve more complex cubes. Most people have trouble figuring out the standard 3X3 cube, but Charlie can solve it in mere seconds!  He can also solve the 5X5, 6X6 and…MORE

Teacher of the Future-
Creativity Abounds
Upon entering the computer lab, Rex exclaimed, “Ok no fooling around we have work to do!” All of the boys got right to work. George and Joseph were working with clay figures, taking photos for use in a short, stop action film. Sante, Ian, Rex, Braden and Carlo are actively writing scripts, filming and producing. Rex is the director and lead producer. Some of the boys are working with the green screen, generating ideas and collaborating. Jack is searching for “the best background music” and more ideas. He is also filming the other boys using the flip camera. Oliver asked about creating a website, although he knew making it live might be…MORE

Liz Davis
Conference of the Future- EdcampIS
Unconferences are collaborative learning experiences run by the participants. There are no proposed (or rejected) workshops. People show up, some offer to run sessions, some don’t, and we all learn something. These conferences are free and open to anyone. This year I am part of the organizing team for the first (annual?) EdcampIS to be held at The Northwest School in Seattle on March 3rd, the day after the NAISAC conference…MORE

Lisa Nielsen
Innovative educators enable students to break free from the classroom and connect with the world

If you read this month’s Education Week, you may have noticed I was quoted in article U.S. Schools Forge Foreign Connections Via Web which explains how American students are teaming up with classrooms around the world to learn valuable lessons. The piece features anecdotes of young people connecting and learning with others like the American students who…MORE


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