The Daily Find: February 17, 2012


Preconference Reflection

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Annual Conference? Write a blog post and send the URL or send the text and we can post it to the community. Send your posts and URL’s


The following links were shared by members of the online community and published in the NAISAC12 Online Daily. You can read this each day at You can also access this through the main community website at This is just a sample of some of what has been shared in the last couple of days.

Toward Peeragogy
Shared by @JonathanEMartin

Lessons from Finland on a Rainy Saturday Morning
Shared by @ElemSchHeads

IQ Testing and Admission to a Gifted Education Program
Shared by @ElemSchHeads

Do You Write with Your Students?
Shared by @teach2connect

About those 4,400 MacBooks in Mooresville, N.C.’sSchools
Shared by @sarahhanawald

How to Become More Creative | IdeaFeed
Shared by @gregbamford

Creating Innovators- as seen through the eyes of a 14-year old Thai student
Shared by @drmcgettigan

Twilight of the Lecture- Eric Mazur on new interactive teaching techniques | Harvard Magazine
Shared by @bigenhoc


Patricia Russac
Designing a candidacy- Students rate the logos
We’ve been taking a look at the 2012 presidential candidate logos since this summer. We’ve been trying to imagine how a slogan and a design might relay a candidate’s brand and influence voters. Recently, we asked the same thing of our middle school students. We showed them the banner of each significant candidate still in the race, and we asked the students to judge the logo’s appeal for…MORE

Jonathan Martin
Beating the Cheating: Five ways to combat the plague
Cheating is a plague upon schools across our nation, and it appears to be on the rise.   During my time visiting schools, 21 in all, private and public, during my 2008 good high school blogging project, I saw often observed cheating– sometimes blatant, “public,” shameless cheating in front of me.     But as severe as this problem is, it is not impossible for us as educators to respond, redirect, and resolve the crisis of cheating. Two recent articles have recently…MORE

Mark Crotty
Lin-Sane Rush to Judgment
This morning I clicked over to, and there was the latest Jeremy Lin piece: a video titled “Jeremy Lin’s lessons for success.” Below the video were link to multiple other Lin videos and stories. (One was Letterman’s top-ten worst Lin puns, a part of which I’m sure my title could become, but I simply couldn’t resist.) I hear he’s been added to NBA all-star events. All this, I keep thinking, after a streak of seven excellent games. Meanwhile, I look at the book my wife pulled off the shelf last night and left in the den: Mandela’s Way: Fifteen Lessons on Life, Love, and Courage. I am fascinated by the Jeremy Lin story—not just the athletic angle, not just the overnight sensation angle. I’m intrigued by what it is revealing about so many facets of our cultural anthology…MORE

Teachers of the Future
Video Games, Part of the Curriculum, spotlight on Marilyn Lord
Click the image to the left (See the Blog Post for the Image) for an article about Marilyn Lord, the Chair of History at Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire and a NAIS Teacher of the Future. She has been using video games as part of her curriculum for almost ten years…MORE


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