The Daily Find: February 27, 2012

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Conference Launches This Week in Seattle
This is it! The NAIS Annual Conference kicks off this week in Seattle. For those attending, we encourage you to write about your experiences and lessons learned throughout the week. If you have a blog, simply post it to your blog and email the url and we will post a link to the community for others to learn from your experience. If you don’t have a blog but would like to post a reflection to the community, simply write it up and email the post to and we will post it with attribution. For those who are following from a distance, feel free to do so through this online community. As you follow the live blogs, tweets and reflections, feel free to also submit your thoughts to the community through the above address to have it added to the community blog with attribution. Additionally, if you find something that speaks to you, feel free to comment through the community blog. We hope that this year’s community will be a dialogue of ideas on innovation in education. I hope to see many of you in Seattle or online throughout the week.


Challenge 1: What do you hope to learn?
As you prepare to make your way to Seattle or follow from afar, what do you hope to see and learn this year? What are the big ideas that you think will bring INNOVATION to your campus? This challenge is simple. Take a moment to reflect on this year’s theme, speakers and sessions. What do you hope to see and learn this year? Post that in your blog or e-mail your response to and we will post the collection of ideas to the community blog.

Challenge 2: What are the innovations in education?
This challenge is simple. What have been the greatest innovations in education” What has had a direct influence on teaching and learning? How do you teach innovation and foster creativity and innovative thinking in administrators, teachers and students? POST YOUR IDEAS on the NAISAC12 Wall of Educational Innovation.


Randall Dunn
NAIS Annual Conference 2012: In search of a nugget or two in Seattle
A good conference is one that offers material that causes you to reflect and material that allows you to progress. I know that there will be numerous moments of reflection and introspection for me at this conference. The gathering is timed so there has been…MORE

Sarah Hanawald
Equipoise in Education?
Recently, @mrmcgrann tweeted out that he had a question for Bill Gates. You can read his whole post here (and you should, I’ll be here). Here’s his question: To fuel innovation, we often need to take risks. Risks come with many rewards, but they also come with failure. How do you balance teacher accountability while supporting and promoting innovative teaching? This is an excellent question. Because if we take risks…MORE

Jason Ramsden
Countdown to NAIS 2012AC (5 Days)
Jason provides a wonderful collection of tweets, posts and other information about the conference through Storiefied. Check it out…MORE


Debating single sex classrooms
Shared by @CarneySandoe

QR codes connect art on the wall with music on your iPhone
Shared by @larrykahn

Motivating students and the gamification of learning
Shared by @maxeisl_rediker

Personal learning networks for educators: 10 tips
Shared by @demetri

The complete educator’s guide to using Google Reader
Shared by @schoolyard


Jamie Field Baker
Looking forward to #NAISAC12
As I prepare to head west for the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference in Seattle, I am struck by the appropriateness and importance of Seth Godin’s blog post this morning:  Stop Stealing Dreams.  You can download Godin’s 98 page manifesto from that site. I look forward to reading all 30,000 words on the long flight from Memphis to Seattle. What is school for?…MORE

Anthony McGrann
What I’d like to ask Bill Gates next week
Next week, people from many places associated with independent schools will be in town for the National Independent Schools Annual Conference here in Seattle. I’m excited about this week for many reasons and hope to write about them in the coming days. One of the things I’m interested in is what the featured keynote speaker, Bill Gates, has to say…MORE


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