The Daily Find: February 29, 2012


Online School for Girls
The course catalog for the 2012-13 school year is out and registration is open. There are offerings in language, art, music, science and more. Additionally, the Online School for Girls (OSG) also has offerings for teachers in their professional development program. Check out the following links to learn more

OSG Courses:

OSG Professional Development:

3 hour Workshops on Wednesday
Preconference workshops opened today with over 15 different sessions. Here is a small collection of artifacts from three of those sessions. You can find many more by searching the #naisac12 tag on Twitter between the hours of 1 and 4 Pacific time. Read…MORE

Learn more about Stephen Carter
Stephen will be one of the three speakers on Thursday afternoon in the general session titled Independent Matters. Learn more about Stephen…MORE


Jason Ramsden
Countdown to NAIS 2012 AC (2 Days)
The following link takes you to a Storify set up by Jason to capture and categorize tweets leading up to the conference. You can read these little gems at…MORE

Check out the conference bloggers at:


Anthony McGrann
What to do in Seattle while attending NAISAC12
The National Independent School Annual Conference kicks off tomorrow at the Washington State Convention Center here in Seattle. Having been fortunate enough to attend a few conferences in other cities, I know that sight seeing isn’t really on the agenda as each day is completely filled. By the time each day is over, most sights are closed or one is usually exhausted from the conference itself. Nonetheless, I’m going to try and give a few tips for those visiting our splendid city this week. Here are my top 5 things to do this week while you’re here…MORE

Teachers of the Future
Connecting globally, a fourth grade blogging project
Lessons about countries and cultures are part of the established curriculum for 4th grade students in our school. In the past, the project culminated with a slide presentation and a tri fold poster exhibit. The students looked forward to choosing a country to study, researching and sharing what they had learned. Although technology was involved in the research and presentation pieces, there was rarely a connection to someone living in the researched countries…MORE

Mark Crotty
For what purpose?
Recently there has been a great deal of press about the recent releasing of the ratings and/or rankings of New York City teachers. I’m sure that whoever decided to do this can articulate some very sound reasons, most of them having to do with accountability and transparency…MORE


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