The Daily Find: March 3, 2012 NAIS AC Follow-up Continued

NAISAC12 Community Daily
This edition features 38 members of the community contributing content. Check it out at:


Anthony McGrann
What I heard about day 1 at the NAISAC Conference
It’s amazing how much information flows in the back channels (if you know how to find them) at conferences. I wasn’t able to attend today’s portion of the NAISAC12 conference but was able to glean a lot of information through…MORE


Anthony McGrann
Day 2 at NAISAC12
The sessions I attended at today’s conference were validating and will take me a while to digest (especially since I’m gearing up for edcampIS tomorrow). I’ll write about each session in the coming weeks. My favorite speaker was John Hunter…MORE


Peter Gow
Now, about those men in their gray flannel suits
Well, my 2012 NAIS Annual Conference is over, and I’ve come to a few conclusions. I’ve had Bill Gates tell me that technology is changing schools, and that in 10 years schools and education will change in ways we can’t imagine. I’ve heard some memorable one-liners, tweeted a couple of these, and apparently missed a great session by Dan Savage (“It Gets Better”) while I was on a scheduled call with a college admission office (damn!). I have notes and reflections enough to fuel Not Your Father’s School for a while…MORE


Jonathan Martin
Innovative schools, Innovative students slides and videos for the NAIS presentation
Thank you to everyone who attended this morning; it was so exciting and meaningful for me to have the opportunity to share my passion with a packed house. Above are the presentation slides, in which you should be able to find most or all of the books I referred to,  and below some of the videos I used in the presentation….MORE


Matt Scully
Notes from the Neuro-diversity workshop
Follow the link for… MORE




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