The Daily Find: March 13, 2012


 Bill Gates Talk Keeps on Giving
Bill Gates has posted a video of his talk on the Gates Notes site along with an article and links. Additionally, you can read about his talk as reported by one of the NAIS reporters.

Resource links shared by Bill Gates

Pat Bassett Presentation Slides
If you are from an NAIS member school, you may access any of Pat Bassett’s presentation slides. Simply follow the link and search for the presentation you want to view. You will find slides from the 2012 NAIS Annual Conference and more. Follow this link to access slide collection.


Jaime Field Baker
We are the 1%: NAIS in Seattle
It has been a week since I flew back from Seattle where I participated in the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference, along with 4500 other people.  There is one thing I heard in Seattle that I can’t quite get off my mind. This year’s conference was particularly…MORE

Jaime Field Baker
Moving from Why to How: Becoming an Entrepreneurial School
Thanks to the NAIS Annual Conference 2012 for creating this create Storify of our session about moving from Why Innovate to How Innovate. We had a terrific session full of engaged and sincere school leaders, administrators, board members, and teachers.  The questions were…MORE

Mark Crotty
Leadership as Life and Death
Gradually since the tragedy at Columbine High School, we’ve become a bit more numbed to school shootings. For example, I don’t think I heard anyone mention the recent one near Cleveland. Of course, as a head of school, they register quite loudly with me. The safety and well-being of everyone here is my primary concern. Safety and security is a standing item on our administrative meeting agendas; we’ve been re-evaluating all our…MORE

Steve de Beer
Sleepless in Seattle
I am writing this entry from afar, as I enjoy the privilege of attending the conference of the National Association of Independent Schools in Seattle, Washington. There are over 4,000 people here from all over the country, from Canada, and from independent schools across the world. I’m sleepless, not so much from the cranky heating system in my hotel room, nor from the sirens wailing below on the downtown streets.  It’s from excitement…MORE

Muddy at Pike
The Importance of Recharging our Learner Batteries
As I write this, I am at the National Association of Independent School’s annual conference in Seattle. Every year, I wrestle with whether or not to leave Pike to come to conferences like this. I worry about untaught classes, email piling up, meetings that need to be rescheduled and more, and yet, here I am. WHY: Our…MORE



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