The Daily Find: March 19, 2012 Annual Conference Reflections

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Amy Chua
Education and Success
“Are you a monster?” may have been what many educators in the audience of the closing general session speaker, Yale Law School Professor Amy Chua, were wondering, but it was Meredith Viera who asked the author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother that very question during her interview on the Today Show in 2011. However, instead of the “monster” that the press had built up in the minds of the public, the 4,200 audience members at the 2012 NAIS Annual Conference in Seattle found the speaker to be charming, funny, sometimes self-deprecating, thoughtful, and intelligent…MORE

INFOGRAPHIC: Amy Chua- Education and Success

Soraya Darabi
Social Networking Services
Internationally known social media maven Soraya Darabi enraptured the audience of independent school leaders attending the 2012 NAIS Annual Conference in Seattle as she spoke eloquently and expertly about social networking services and emerging media. Self-defined tech addict and media fiend with great wanderlust, Darabi possesses an innate ability to recognize trends as they emerge. She stands out in the Digerati community for both her professional expertise as well as her innovative charity work online…MORE

Dan Savage
It Gets Better
“If you told my teachers in the fourth grade at St. Ignatius that I would address a room full of educators, they never would have stopped throwing up,” Dan Savage colorfully told the standing-room-only ballroom of independent school leaders at the 2012 NAIS Annual Conference in Seattle. He kept us glued to our seats the entire hour, invoking tears and outrage at the bullying that still pervades our schools and communities….MORE

INFOGRAPHIC: Dan Savage- It Gets Better


Shelley Krause
NAIS in Seattle
The last time I attended the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) annual conference was when it was in NYC a few years back. This year, the conference was in Seattle, and the likelihood of my being able to take time away from work to travel so many miles from home during application-review season seemed somewhat remote. But then the session proposal that two of my colleagues and I pulled together was accepted, and…MORE

Brad Rathgeber
Reflections on NAIS and a West Coast Swing
Late Friday night, I got home from my second trip to the West Coast in three weeks. The first trip was for the NAIS Annual Conference and the second was to see some of the great OSG school in Los Angeles. Both trips confirmed for me something that I have been feeling in my travels throughout the year: change is really (and finally) happening across the board within independent schools. Perhaps paradoxically, it seems to me that this change has been sped up in the last year by a number of schools who…MORE

Richard Kassissieh
Are Independent Schools Innovating?
The theme of innovation pervaded this year’s NAIS annual conference. Keynote speeches looked toward a different future, some schools shared innovative projects, and more responded enthusiastically and expressed the desire to participate. Does this mean that significant numbers of independent schools are substantially changing their educational programs, or not? Brad Rathgeber thinks so. Kevin Ruth says, “not so fast.”…MORE

Anthony McGrann
My Take-Aways from the Tiger Mom
The closing keynote at the NAIS conference was Amy Chua, author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. A year ago, the press used this book to paint a portrait of a villainous mother. The media generalized the differing parenting styles of Chinese and Americans making inflammatory statements in their headlines such as the Wall St. Journal’s “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.”…MORE


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