Online Independent Schools: Defining a New Generation of Excellence- A white Paper
The OSG and GOA have joined together to publish a white paper on the role of independent schools in online learning. You are encouraged to take a moment and watch their short video and read the paper. The blog is open for comments, which they also invite…MORE

The Community Daily- March 2, 2012
Collection of tweets from the greater online community. Check out this issue and…MORE


Soraya Darabi
Social Networking Service
Internationally known social media maven Soraya Darabi enraptured the audience of independent school leaders attending the 2012 NAIS Annual Conference in Seattle as she spoke eloquently and expertly about social networking services and emerging media. Self-defined tech addict and media fiend with great wanderlust, Darabi possesses an innate ability to recognize trends as they emerge. She stands out in the Digerati community for…MORE

Randall Dunn
Mr. Gates
This was my first in-person Bill Gates encounter. Mr. Gates presentation was not fancy but informative with a nice hint of humor: a fine vintage. His statement at the outset, coupled with a high school graduation picture, that he did not need to seek any other diploma after his NAIS high school diploma was a nice way to start…MORE

Randall Dunn
Headship: Unpredictable and distinctive
My first event at the 2012 NAIS annual conference was the preconference 3 hour workshop; Making the Headship Work in Today’s World. The session was attended by aspiring, recently named, new and experienced heads of school…MORE

 Kathy O’Neal
Finding Socioeconomically Diverse Students Who Are Ready for Success
I don’t know of an independent school in my area that isn’t interested in increasing the socioeconomic diversity of their student body. I strongly agree with this panel that this is a critically important issue for our schools…MORE

Mike Brown
Of course, we’re innovative!
It amazes me each year to see what other schools are doing with their students.  As Pat Bassett demonstrated, we have students that we need to get out of their way and let them work.  These students are teaching us and broadening our…MORE

Mike Brown
What is holding our schools back?
Bill Gates challenged us to reflect upon this question?  So often I am focused on meeting the “magic” admission number or annual fund goal, or whether I have returned all the parent’s calls and how I am going to find the…MORE


Bill Ivey
Real World Issues
The 2012 National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference has begun, with Sally in attendance representing our school. On Thursday on Twitter, someone named Bo Adams commented on remarks by Pat Bassett, the President of NAIS: “Pat Bassett shows exemplars of innovative school practice…MORE


Michael Nachbar from the Global Online Academy (GOA) and Brad Rathgeber from the Online School for Girls (OSG) have collaborated on a white paper that explores the role of independent schools and their efforts in forging a path in the world of online learning. This paper is their case for independent schools in the online environment. Watch the short (1 minute) video that introduces the paper then take a moment to read the short article. They are open for comments so feel free to post your comments directly to this post providing feedback on this forward looking vision.


Watch the Video:

The White Paper: Online Independent Schools: Defining a New Generation of Excellence 

The following collection covers many of the tweets from the first full day of the NAIS 2012 Annual Conference in Seattle. This issue features the opening session with Bill Gates, Speed Innovation, Independent Matters speakers Stephen Carter, Cheryl Crazy bull and Sarah Kay. Other featured tweets come from Soraya Darabi’s session on Creativity and the emerging media, opening comments by Pat Bassett and comments on the wonderful performance of the Northwest School A Capella group. Read the Issue of NAIS Day 1 in Tweets


What have you learned at this year’s Annual Conference- Post to the Community
If you are at the conference or following from a distance and would like to write about your experience and have it posted in The Daily Find, simply send the URL to your blog or text of your post to It will be posted or linked in a future issue of The Daily Find with attribution to you as author. Share your experience and what you have learned at this year’s conference focused around INNOVATION.

Wall of Innovation
What have you found to be an INNOVATION in education? Post your ideas on the Wall of Educational Innovation. This is easy, fun and will not take much time to leave your mark. Post your idea of INNOVATION in education at:

A Word About Wireless at the Conference (or lack of)
If you are here and have wondered why there is a lack of wireless Internet access at a conference focused around innovation, take a moment to read this post from last year’s Annual Conference as it clearly defines the issues with wireless at large conference centers…MORE


Opening Session at NAIS AC 2012 with Bill Gates
The session opened with a wonderful performance by the Northwest School a capella choir. The song of peace was a wonderful way to open the 2012 NAIS Annual Conference in Seattle. The voices of the youth expressing their dream for a day when there would be no war. This was followed by…MORE

Why I Need NAIS conferences
Today started out cold, wet, and windy. My umbrella inverted in the wind, my school called to ask how to handle a situation, and then I stepped into the Conference Center…MORE

Key Ingredients for  Headship
What are key ingredients for a sane, successful, and sustainable headship?…MORE

Live Blog of Opening Session with Bill Gates
Replay the opening session as LIVE BLOGGED by conference blogger Sarah…MORE

Best Practice in Neurodiversity
Wow, these two presenters know their stuff! Honestly, I’m not a teacher, so I entered this three hour workshop with some dread. However, I learned so much that I couldn’t help but wish that all teachers had access to this kind of professional development…MORE

Bill Gates- General Session Featured Speaker
Who better to speak at the AC in Seattle than the quintessential product of independent school education and the godfather of innovation, Bill Gates. As a Seattle native who has yet to hear Bill Gates speak in person, I’m as eager as the other 4000+ attendees to hear from Bill…MORE

Transformative Communication Advocacy, Admissions, and Advancement
Get in the social media game and tell your school’s story because in reality other  people are already out there telling their version of your story. Not surprisingly, this workshop from staff of the Ranney School is packed, standing room only…MORE

NAIS 2012: Design Thinking and Schools
The 2012 NAIS Annual Conference, held in the beautiful Pacific Northwest town of Seattle, represents my fifth straight annual conference, my fourth as a presenter and my second as an official conference blogger capturing the conference’s highlights. Yesterday, I was fortunate to attend a pre-conference workshop led by…MORE


Mark Crotty
Sleepless- but not in Seattle
So the 2012 NAIS Annual Conference is going on in Seattle, and I’m still in Dallas. I think I’ve missed only two of these in the past couple of decades, so it feels rather strange. And this year’s program looked particularly inviting. So I’m really kind of bummed not to be there. However, it simply wasn’t a good time to get away because of too many things happening at once. Plus this Friday night is our annual gala, which our fabulous PA puts on every year and will be spectacular. So if I’m going to miss, it’s for a great reason…MORE

Jonathan Martin
Open Computer Testing: the NAIS session slides and videos
Check out the collection of slides, videos and resources from this session…MORE

Anthony McGrann
What is a Tweet-Up?
I just got back from a ‘tweet-up’ tonight at the Pike Pub & Brewery. It was an interesting concept of gathering folks who use twitter to share and learn from each other. Many thanks to Greg Bamford for organizing this event…MORE

Peter Gow
Assessing Assessment
This afternoon I attended the annual meeting of the Independent Curriculum Group, and for a pretty mellow group of educators we got ourselves kind of stirred up, in a good way. As an organization we aim to get schools talking about curriculum, and about why it’s a good thing for schools to develop their capacities to create their own. This year we’ve been focused on assessment, with groups of teachers, administrators, and…MORE


Online School for Girls
The course catalog for the 2012-13 school year is out and registration is open. There are offerings in language, art, music, science and more. Additionally, the Online School for Girls (OSG) also has offerings for teachers in their professional development program. Check out the following links to learn more

OSG Courses:

OSG Professional Development:

3 hour Workshops on Wednesday
Preconference workshops opened today with over 15 different sessions. Here is a small collection of artifacts from three of those sessions. You can find many more by searching the #naisac12 tag on Twitter between the hours of 1 and 4 Pacific time. Read…MORE

Learn more about Stephen Carter
Stephen will be one of the three speakers on Thursday afternoon in the general session titled Independent Matters. Learn more about Stephen…MORE


Jason Ramsden
Countdown to NAIS 2012 AC (2 Days)
The following link takes you to a Storify set up by Jason to capture and categorize tweets leading up to the conference. You can read these little gems at…MORE

Check out the conference bloggers at:


Anthony McGrann
What to do in Seattle while attending NAISAC12
The National Independent School Annual Conference kicks off tomorrow at the Washington State Convention Center here in Seattle. Having been fortunate enough to attend a few conferences in other cities, I know that sight seeing isn’t really on the agenda as each day is completely filled. By the time each day is over, most sights are closed or one is usually exhausted from the conference itself. Nonetheless, I’m going to try and give a few tips for those visiting our splendid city this week. Here are my top 5 things to do this week while you’re here…MORE

Teachers of the Future
Connecting globally, a fourth grade blogging project
Lessons about countries and cultures are part of the established curriculum for 4th grade students in our school. In the past, the project culminated with a slide presentation and a tri fold poster exhibit. The students looked forward to choosing a country to study, researching and sharing what they had learned. Although technology was involved in the research and presentation pieces, there was rarely a connection to someone living in the researched countries…MORE

Mark Crotty
For what purpose?
Recently there has been a great deal of press about the recent releasing of the ratings and/or rankings of New York City teachers. I’m sure that whoever decided to do this can articulate some very sound reasons, most of them having to do with accountability and transparency…MORE




  • Laura Deisley
  • Trung Le
  • Christian Long
  • Jeff Sharpe

Curious about design thinking? Wonder what might drive innovation in your school or classroom? Passionate, experienced workshop leaders will guide you through the design process as we collectively uncover the issues, identify questions for inquiry, work as teams to ideate and prototype, challenge one another with results , and leave with toolkits for change


TEDxLondon: the problem finders at the education revolution
Shared by @Deacs84

Storyfied Collection:

Photos shared via Twitter


Move from why innovate to how? Become an entrepreneurial school
Entrepreneurs know how to innovate. Discuss how to innovate at your school by developing the entrepreneur’s mindset in the board, head of school, administrators, teachers, and students. Cultivate understanding in the entrepreneur’s innovation process, building capacity by moving through resistance, and developing organizational habits of innovation.

Storify Twitter Collection from Session

Resources from the session:



  • Howard Levin
  • Antonio Viva
  • Keith Gillette

The New Normal: Rethinking Technology Leadership in a World of Ubiquitous Access

Rethink assumptions about technology leadership and implementation given evolving innovations in digital tools and practices. Learn how the spread of 1:1 devices, cloud-based ubiquitous access, and an emphasis on natural integration impact the “business” of schools. Explore alternative leadership models that support innovations in teaching and the role of technology

VIDEO of one of the break out sessions during the workshop. The prompt for this breakout was-

The Prompt

Small group consultancy protocol discussions#NAISAC12 prompt = “Identify key tech problem/dilemma facing your school”


Stephen Carter
Thursday, March 1, 3:00 – 4:30 PM
Independent Matters

Recognized by Time magazine as one of the 50 leaders of the next century, Stephen Carter is one of America’s leading public intellectuals. The author of four novels and seven critically acclaimed nonfiction books on law, ethics, and politics, he continues to shape the national debate on issues ranging from the role of religion in our politics and culture, to the role of integrity and civility in our daily lives.

Carter’s most recent book is The Violence of Peace: America’s Wars in the Age of Obama. It examines the implications of the military philosophy President Barack Obama has adopted through his first two years in office and what his views on war mean for America. Carter’s extraordinary fiction debut, The Emperor of Ocean Park, spent three months on The New York Times bestseller list and made bestseller lists in several European countries.

Currently professor of law at Yale University, Carter has clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. As a trustee for the Aspen Institute, he moderates seminars for business executives on the role of values in leadership. Carter is also a contributor to Bloomberg View, the new opinion section of